Band Members


Mark Garrett

Mark Garrett is lead singer, songwriter, keyboard player and the leader of the Prowlers. Mark has played in a number of different bands and arrangements over the years. He once put together a band of air force enlisted guys from McClellan AFB who took second place in the Air Force "Tops in Blue" contest in Los Angeles.

Matthew Messer

Matthew Messer on Lead Guitar. Matthew is one of the better lead guitar players. He has a creative, unique sytle of playing that enhances every song.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown on bass. Might have been the most famous of the band but unfortunately that information is classified. He's just a humble bass player that used to dable in clarinet and classicial guitar.

John Montoya

John has played a wide range of music all over the world. Including Asia and Europe. He is also an Air Force veteran and has been associated with "Tops In Blue". Throughout his musical career he has served an instructor for many individuals and is a classically trained percussionist and singer.

Dennis Jochim

Dennis Jochim is a former member of the Rutabaga Boogie Band in Sacramento and toured around the states for a couple years with the band Simultaneous Avalanche back in the Bill Graham days. Dennis also played with the bands, Presst Wine, Road and Big Marie